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Sumapark Labradors puppies come with:

  • Ongoing support pre and post puppy pick up

  • Pedigree papers Registered with Dogs Australia (Dogs NSW)

  • Microchipped

  • Vaccinated at 6 weeks

  • Received a full worming program from 2 weeks of age

  • Received preventative treatment for ticks, fleas and heartworm

  • Come with a Black Hawk Puppy Pack, including a free bag of Puppy Food

  • Receive 2 months free Pet Insurance

  • Have parents that are hip and elbow scored, And full DNA tested - clearances provided in puppy folder

Send us an email or give us a call now on 0428 629 988 to avoid disappointment and secure your very own SUMALABS puppy.


Puppies are born in a whelping box and remain in there until around 4 weeks old. During the first two weeks of puppy’s life, puppies are unable to maintain their own body temperature or urinate or defecate without their mother’s assistance. Puppies are extremely vulnerable during this period. At two weeks old they receive their first dose of worming treatment. Puppies receive worming medication every two weeks until they are eight weeks old and leave for their forever homes.

At 3 weeks of age, they can start to see and hear, and begin walking around and they start playing with each other inside the whelp box. It’s so cute. We start sound socialisation between two to three weeks old, so they are familiar with a wide range of sounds like our loud 3 children, household sounds, music, and nature.

Around four weeks of age, our puppies are introduced to food. They start on Soaked Blackhawk Large Breed puppy dry food, and puppy chicken mince. This is extremely messy but also very fun.

Between four and five weeks old and depending on the weather here in Orange they venture outside of the whelping box into our lusciously green grassed backyard, and this is when they become super fun and play and sleep, rinse and repeat.

Between the age of four and eight weeks old, our puppies are socialised in a nurturing environment both indoors and outdoors, they interact with us, our 3 kids, and our other dogs. They are now well-established on both a soaked dry food and raw diet. Puppies receive their vaccination, microchip, and health check just after they are six weeks old.

Around six to seven weeks old depending on litter size and mothers’ condition, puppies are fully weaned and are no longer feeding on their mother. They are receiving between four and six meals a day, depending on the size of the puppies which is usually dependant on the size of the litter.

By eight weeks of age, Puppies are very well socialised with humans, noises and inside and outside environment, if create training is requested, we can start that process for you. From eight weeks they are ready for life to begin with their new families.

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